Our Founder's Letter

Dear Friends,

As founder and Executive Director of 4Heroes4Life, my aim is to provide the heroes of our communities, veterans and those in public service, support to successfully reintegrate into civilian life and thrive. As proud citizens of our United States of America, we are privileged and blessed with an abundance of freedoms; freedoms we cherish on a daily basis afforded to us by our invaluable protectors - military veterans, active duty personnel, law enforcement, fire and rescue, doctors, nurses, and teachers. Through our social enterprise, we are able to fund several critical programs and services for PTSD support, health and wellness, family support, homeless care and housing, and an incubator for future enterprising veterans and heroes. These efforts benefit all, both participants and hero recipients and their families.

For 30 years I dedicated my life to service, beginning as Navy vet then continuing on to become a firefighter and eventual Deputy Fire Marshal, Board Chair to a variety of nonprofits, and Social Entrepreneur. For 18 years I dutifully served on the City of San Diego Fire Department until, after suffering various injuries, I could no longer uphold the standards required of me. I am intimately aware of the “silent wounds” levied by PTSD.

In addition to physical pain, I suffered from significant mental and emotional trauma making it impossible for me to trust that I could safely uphold my duties. While facing these physical and emotional battles, a very close friend lost his life in service during the unspeakable tragedy of 9-1-1. The culmination of these events compelled me to seek medical advice and leave my esteemed position as a peace officer and public servant. This series of debilitating experiences has unwittingly kept my PTSD “switch” on for so many years. Since receiving treatment in the PTSD program at Stanford University I have come to understand how this terrible disorder wreaks havoc on the lives of heroes and their families.

The unimaginable trauma and loss of life suffered by victims and heroes in tragedies like the Oakland Warehouse fire, the Rhode Island Station fire and the tragic fire at London’s Grenfell Tower, weigh heavily on my heart. I am emboldened by the knowledge that my actions were heroic and proud to have made that sacrifice, keeping public safety at the forefront. I'm proud to belong to a family of devoted heroes who lead by an extraordinary desire to protect and serve.

4Heroes4Life's mission of helping others will enrich many lives through genuine goodwill. Through the recent unexpected loss of a very dear childhood friend, our cause has a face, an unbreakable community lifting us up by echoing the refrain “we cannot do this alone”. We invite you to embrace our cause and be part of the movement in continued support of our heroes to ensure that no heroes or their families will suffer the same hardships. Let’s Join Forces for Heroes Helping Heroes.

I believe in my heart that we as human beings are more alike than different and we should be willing to look at each other as such. My goal is helping change the world, one heart at a time.


In peace and love,
Mark George

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