Recycle 4 Our Heroes

Let’s Join Forces for our Recycle4OurHeroes California Recycling Days drive to Green Up California and raise funds for our social enterprise programs for heroes and their families.




WHO: Recycle4OurHeroes (R4OH), a fundraising alliance with Watering Seeds Organization a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, urges schools, residents, organizations and businesses to become a legacy in their communities by doing their part to clean the environment for generations to come by reducing landfill, as well as putting much needed funds into programs for our schools and for our nation’s heroes.

WHAT: Recycle4OurHeroes (R4OH), Schools (students), Organization (members), Businesses (employees) throughout the state of California, to collect CRV (California Redemption Value) Aluminum Cans & Plastic Bottles. We have developed a unique and effective sorting system that directly addresses the problem of eight billion beverage containers each year not being recycled in the state of California alone. That's our target— those eight billion.... for now.

WHEN: 2017 Holiday Season July -- December  

WHERE: All Counties in the State of California.

WHY: We believe this is the solution to the challenges of Keeping America Beautiful, Greening Up California, as well as  creating and funding much needed programs for our nation's service members. We ALL owe it to our nation's Heroes and their families to do our part by remembering the sacrifices and hardships they have faced, and may NOW face, for their service for our freedom and liberty. We are simply asking that you embrace our “sort at the source” concept, accept the challenge for our planet, and help raise funds for our heroes and their families. Our purpose and passion is driven by our own personal stories. Yes, in MANY ways, it is personal, by witnessing firsthand the results of the gap in services not presently available for us, veterans and our families. Heroes and their families should not ever be subject to this type of often devastating situation in their time of need.

Recycle4OurHeroes "California Recycling Days Holiday Waste Drive” Holiday Fundraiser will do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure heroes and their families have a better chance than we did. We invite you to embrace the challenge and join us, by choosing to participate in our Recycle4OurHeroes “California Recycling Days” Holiday Waste Drive Fundraiser TODAY. Our Goal is to be the ultimate model for recycling and funding for our nation's heroes and their families -- just like Girl Scout cookies are to Girl Scouts fundraising, the difference being our triple bottom line which includes at no extra money out of pocket, or pounds gained -- Planet, Heroes, and Funding.

We are challenging ALL schools, businesses, organizations, and citizens to embrace the concept of recycling with a stronger sense of purpose for heroes and their families during these holidays. This is where ROI (return on investment) meets ROC (return on community), into now, ROH (return on heroes).

HOW: Combined with your efforts, we feel strongly we can Keep California Beautiful and help fund much needed family health, and school programs with this impact based approach to schools, consumers, organizations, businesses and recycling. Because we are ALL looking for ways to stretch our hard earned dollars, we are able to join forces with schools (students), partnering organizations (members), businesses (employees), and communities for a best value-based relationship.

Your support will enhance the expansion of an already successful model. Here are the 7 steps we asking our communities to follow:

STEP 1: Join Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Drive.” Commit to accept delivery of 200 collection bags for plastic bottles and aluminum can recyclables during the Holiday.

STEP 2: Announce Program to students, staff, organization members, or business employees to get buy in to take bags home, and commit to bring them back full following the Holiday. Please announce our Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Drive.” Select a convenient way to distribute the recycling bags 4OurHeroes to committed individuals. Give out recycling bags 4OurHeroes to committed individuals up to 2 weekends before holiday. Select a location, and give CLEAR direction of where to drop off full bags of recyclables to your supporters, community, and school students.

STEP 3: Collect Recyclable Materials on the first day back at school, work, or days following. Please distribute (1) more bag to committed individuals for the next holiday if requested. Committed individuals can put the full bags in their trunks.

Select a Convenient Drop-off Point: Designate a convenient place for members to drop off their recyclables. Instruct all committed individuals with full recycling bags to drop them off at the designated drop-off point.

STEP 5: Recycle4OurHeroes will work with California Recycling Days Team, to have the Recyclables picked up by pre-designated Recycling Facility.

STEP 6: Redemption Value is Determined. Redemption value for all the recyclables generated by your location will be communicated to you.

STEP 7: 20% of redemption value will be committed to your school as a fundraiser.




Thank you,

Mark George

California Recycling Days

Founder, 4Heroes4Life


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