Recycle 4 Our Heroes


"Holiday Waste Campaign”

Recycling With a Sense of Purpose


WHO: 4 Heroes 4 Life in partnership with 501(c)3 Veteran Adventures Inc urges citizens, schools, organizations, and businesses to become a legacy in their communities by doing their part to clean the environment for generations to come, and putting much needed funds into healing programs for our nation’s heroes and their families.


WHAT: Recycle4OurHeroes (R4OH) is calling on Schools (students), Organizations (members), Businesses (employees) and Communities throughout the state of California to collect CRV (California Redemption Value) Aluminum Cans & Plastic Bottles to embrace Recycling With a Sense of Purpose through our unique and effective ‘sort at the source’ system from Scandinavia, world leader in household waste reduction.

Over $200-$300 million a year of CRV funds in California alone goes unclaimed. That’s 1.6 million beverage containers NOT being recycled in California EVERY DAY. We are determined NOT to allow those bottles and cans to end up in our landfills and oceans when they can be used for Genuine Goodwill. Let’s Turn Trash into Cash!


WHEN: 2017 Holiday Season beginning October 1 through January, 2018


WHERE: All Counties in the State of California


WHY: We believe this is the solution to the challenges of Keeping America Beautiful, Greening Up California, as well as funding much needed programs for our nation's heroes and their families. In 2016, Californians purchased 23 billion bottles and cans, yet only 18.4 billion were returned into the recycling ecosystem. We are asking for your help to follow ALL the Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) With a Sense of Purpose.

Let’s put this “anyway money,” which has already been spent, to good use funding life-sustaining programs for our HEROES COMMUNITIES. We will fund existing programs as vehicles to provide healing for our Heroes as well as  develop our own signature healing programs.



  • Fire Service Community - Engine 40 Ladder 35 / Steve Mercado Foundation
  • Veterans Community - California Veterans Community Pilot Housing Program, Veterans and Heroes Incubator
  • Active Duty Community -  Fallen Shipmates / Heroes from all Branches of the Armed Service
  • Law Enforcement Community - 100 Club - Financial Assistance for Families of Public Service Officers
  • Educator Community - Educator Scholarship Funds,  Focus Group Retreats
  • Nurses Community -  Substance Abuse Recovery, Focus Group Retreats
  • Physicians Community - Industry Solutions for Healing,  Focus Group Retreats
  • Community Heroes - Community Healing Gardens and Projects of Hope


Supporting Communities:

  • With a Sense of Purpose Community Events/Fundraising 4OurHeroes - Special Events and Heroes Awards
  • WeCare4Heroes Genuine Goodwill Programs - PTSD Retreats in Northern and Southern California


*** Here’s How to Help Us, Help Yourselves, and Help the Planet With a Sense of Purpose. ***


Let’s Join Forces to effectively raise funds for

our heroes and for your group or organization!


The concept is simple: TAKE A BAG - FILL IT UP - RETURN IT.


Here’s how it works: Fill up 500 bags with bottles and cans at about $5 CRV redemption per bag = $2500. Subtract the cost of bags at $1/each ($500) and take 50% for Your Organization = $1000 of “anyway money” for your program!

STEP 1: Join Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Campaign.” Coordinator accepts delivery of collection bags for plastic bottles and aluminum can recyclables during the Holiday.

STEP 2: Announce Programs, members take 2 bags home, commit to bringing them back full following the Holiday.

STEP 3: Collect Recyclable Materials on the first day back at school, work, or days following.

STEP 4: Drop-off Point to bins at your location for members to drop off bags, 1 for bottles and 1 for cans.

STEP 5: Recycle4OurHeroes will have the Recyclables picked up by a pre-designated Recycling Facility.

STEP 6: Redemption Value is determined.

STEP 7: 50% of redemption value will be committed to your organization as a fundraiser and 50% to our cause.


*** Let’s Join Forces by Recycling

With a Sense of Purpose TODAY! ***





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