Our Mission At 4 Heroes 4 Life

Welcome! Our mission here at 4Heroes4Life is to help as many heroes and families as we can by raising funds that will enhance our ability to do genuine goodwill. Our organization was created to provide much needed help to our nation’s heroes, the brave men and women of the armed forces, its veterans, and our public servants, such as firefighters, rescue personnel, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, and teachers. We invite you to embrace our cause and to join forces in raising funds and awareness for our nation’s veterans and heroes who need our help. Let’s Join Forces together with community businesses, organizations, schools, and consumers in this worthwhile venture through service and commitment to our Earth-friendly and self-sustaining model. Through the many hearts and minds of friends and community, we will heal many heroes.

As a social enterprise, 4Heroes4Life bridges the gap between business and nonprofit organizations. Our strategic alliance with Veteran’s Adventures, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, it allows us to effectively campaign our signature products and services for the purpose of generating multiple channels of income for the realm of veterans and those heroes serving the public that will effectively benefit the greater social good.


We are very excited to bring this life-sustaining ecosystem to the world. Rather than seeking donations, we will support our causes through fundraising campaigns that provide best value to consumers in the tradition of Girl Scout cookies. Monies raised will be used to fund programs that transform lives, focusing on awareness and healing of firsthand and secondhand PTSD, to benefit our many heroes and their families whose issues often go unnoticed and unresolved. With the compassionate help of businesses, organizations, and the greater community, we will promote and fund goodwill projects to help heroes in the areas of Health and Wellness, PTSD Healing and Retreat, Education and Training, Housing and Homeless Support, Family Support Services, and through the formation of a business Incubator that supports startups and new entrepreneurs, like Y Combinator, but for veterans/heroes.


The passion for the cause is fueled by personal experience with the “silent wounds” of PTSD and a powerful sense of community that enlightens our purpose. Our mission is simply a grassroots effort of genuine goodwill in the spirit of love and passion for our cause. By joining together in love and strength, we can embrace the cause with many more communities in an unparalleled effort to heal our nation’s heroes.

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