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Verizon Salute To First Responders

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About us

We are Heroes Helping Heroes, extending a 4Life-Line of Hope and Healing to build a global community of Genuine Goodwill through Social Enterprise.

Our focus is helping Fire Service and Law Enforcement Heroes and their Families with behavioral health challenges, but we serve a total of eight HEROES COMMUNITIES on the Front Lines, including Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, Doctors, Nurses, Educators, Community and their Families, in overcoming the challenges of behavioral health.

Our Mission

We bring Genuine Goodwill to First Responders and their Families to help them heal from the wounds of first-hand and second-hand PTSD and work relentlessly to bring help and awareness for Suicide Prevention.

Our 4Life-line Incubator/Accelerator, like Plug and Play, Y-Combinator, and AngelPad, supports Heroes and their Families in building their own enterprising businesses. We believe by planting the seeds, our Heroes will be fully equipped to grow their own.

Let’s Join Forces on a wave of Genuine Goodwill to extend a 4Life-line to our First Responders, Heroes, and their Families.

Why choose us

We are a  Social Enterprise, a grassroots 'for profit' that funds a nonprofit. We are like the Wounded Warrior Project for Veterans, but for First Responders. HOWEVER, we do not rely on government money.Like Newman’s Own, TOMS Shoes, and Girl Scout Cookies, we earn our money through products and services with a Global Consumer Best Value Equation in which your investment in a ‘best value’ product or service includes the added value of Social Enterprise, bringing a sense of purpose to a cause.

Three Unique Pillars of the 4Heroes4Life-line

Group support our HEROES COMMUNITIES: 4Life-Line Enterprises of Products and Services, 4Life-Line Special Events in the Community, and our 4Life-Line Foundation of Signature Programs and Partner Program Alliances.

We invite you to participate in one or all!


4Heroes4Life In The Community

4Heroes4Life founder, Mark George, speaks with San Diego's KUSI News Channel about raising awareness and support as a community at the 9/11 Never Forgotten Charity Event.

Learn more about Mark’s journey and vision in our Founder’s Letter.

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What 4Heroes4Life Does

Create and Operate Capital Raising Enterprises To Fund Life-Sustaining Programs for Veterans, Active Duty, Fire, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Service Personnel, Educators and Their Families.

Here Are A Few Examples Of The Creative Types Of Projects 4Heroes4Life Has Embraced.



We invite you to join us to KEEP CALIFORNIA BEAUTIFUL “One Cali-hood at a time. Mother Earth needs our help, and so do our nation’s First Responders and Heroes. We have found a solution that provides “Anyway Money” to our cause and helps green up California, one Cali-hood at a time. Join our community-wide recycling effort to recapture the $300 million in CRV fees that go unredeemed in California each year. Let’s Join Forces to keep recyclable bottles and cans out of our landfills and oceans and use the money for Genuine Goodwill to bring life-sustaining programs for our Heroes.

Learn more about our Cali-hood recycling program and O2C, O2O, and O2B level plans.

4Heroes4Life -Line Enterprises

4Heroes4Life -Line Enterprises

In today’s world, we are all looking for a way to band together for pride in our country and faith in humanity. United We Band promotes unity for our country and for all Mankind because “We Are More Alike Than Different.” Band together with us for all nations, all races, and all colors in peace, hope, and Genuine Goodwill. Let’s Join Forces  to support our cause for Heroes Helping Heroes. Proceeds from every United We Band I USA4Life band purchase delivers life-sustaining programs to First Responders and Families. Learn how to customize our bands for your group. Spread the word with our bands and inspire others to embrace the movement!

Click here to BUY a BAND for MANKIND!



Our First Responder Community desperately needs our help. Let’s Join Forces to extend a 4Life-line to First Responders and their Families to combat the crippling effects of first-hand and second-hand PTSD and reduce the alarming suicide rate for First Responders. Help us fund our Partner Program Alliances who provide critical services to our Heroes and their Families. The purpose and passion for our mission is driven by our own personal stories. We invite you to embrace the challenge to support 4Heroes4Life-line with a sense of purpose today.

Learn more about our Family Support Programs and Behavioral Health Resources.

Officers & Owners That Care and Understand

4Heroes4Life CEO and Board is Made Up of Veterans and Family Minded Folks Who Care About The Health and Well Being Of Their Community   

  • Mark George — Founder, Executive Director

    Mark George brings 30 years of experience as a Navy Vet, Firefighter, Deputy Fire Marshal, Board Chair to several non-profit, and a Social Entrepreneur to several Social Enterprises (before there was even a name for it). Mark also has a unique perspective growing up in a military family and suffering from his own “silent wounds” himself (P.T.S.D.) Mark George, a graduate of Stephen Watts Kearny High School, San Diego, California. Entered United States Navy in 1978, after completing his tour of 4 years on board the USS MIDWAY (CV-41) in Yokosuka Japan, Mark returned to San Diego to continue as a civil servant becoming a San Diego Firefighter, where he ascended to the rank of Deputy Fire Marshal.

    "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." --

    Helen Keller


  • Margie Glickman Jones — Consultant Manager

    Margie Glickman Jones is an educator and consultant with over 32 years experience as a teacher, lecturer, writer, and editor. She has taught and mentored at all levels from preschool to postgraduate, including supporting parents as teachers. Margie holds a Master's degree in Teaching and Learning from the University of San Diego at California. Bolstered by love and support from her community of friends, Margie’s passion for helping others moves her to embrace the cause by working with heroes and their families to support and enrich their lives through a variety of services designed to reach out with genuine goodwill, hope, and compassion. Margie brings the spirit of our community where diversity is celebrated through the belief that we are more alike than different. "You can't bottle that stuff but somehow we have to capture it and put it forth in all we do."


  • If You Would Like To Partner With 4Heroes4Life Or Are In Need Of Services Please Contact Us Below

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