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About us

4 Heroes 4 Life is a Social Enterprise bridging the gap between Business and our Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Veteran Adventures Inc., and fostering a Movement of Hope and Healing around the behavioral health issue of PTSD. 

4Heroes4Life is comprised of three unique pillars: Enterprise, Special Events, and the Heroes Programs Foundation. We offer goods and services that raise capital for our Signature Programs and fund existing programs through Strategic Alliances that serve as vehicles of Hope and Healing for our nation’s Heroes and their Families.

We raise capital for our programs through a value community equation using “Anyway Money” (money that would be spent anyway, such as CRV recycling fees) and by delivering unique, quality product offerings designed to support our cause. Through this Value Community Exchange, a best value to the community is realized through a strong Return on Heroes (ROH).

Our Mission

4Heroes4Life embraces a strong sense of purpose and community to offer Hope and Healing to our nation’s heroes, and addresses the  behavioral health issues of PTSD through a Movement of Genuine Goodwill. 

The purpose of Heroes Helping Heroes is to help our nation's Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, First Responders, Health Care Providers, Educators, and their Families heal from the wounds of first-hand and residual PTSD.

Together, we embrace Genuine Goodwill for Mankind with the knowledge that we are more alike than different.

Why choose us

4Heroes4Life programs of Genuine Goodwill are designed to deliver much needed resources to veterans and public service heroes to support them in living prosperous, self-sustaining lives. We have developed unique programs for Family Support and Healing, Housing, Meals and Resources, Health and Wellness, and our Incubator Program for Heroes.

We are keenly aware of the demand for resources not presently available for these brave Heroes and their Families. Through personal experience, we understand the effects of the silent wounds of PTSD. We vow to never let another Hero or Hero’s Family experience further unnecessary trauma associated with untreated PTSD.

Let’s Join Forces together for Genuine Goodwill by investing in goods and services to underwrite the variety and quality of programs needed to help veterans and public service heroes and their families thrive.


4Heroes4Life In The Community

4Heroes4Life founder, Mark George, speaks with San Diego's KUSI News Channel about raising awareness and support as a community at the 9/11 Never Forgotten Charity Event.

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What 4Heroes4Life Does

Create and Operate Capital Raising Enterprises To Fund Life-Sustaining Programs for Veterans, Active Duty, Fire, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Service Personnel, Educators and Their Families.

Here Are A Few Examples Of The Creative Types Of Projects 4Heroes4Life Has Embraced.



We believe this is the solution to the challenges of Keeping America Beautiful, Greening Up our Country, as well as creating and funding much needed programs for Our Nation's Heroes and Service members,. We ALL owe it to our nation's Heroes and their families to do our part by remembering the sacrifices and hardships they have faced, and may NOW face, in their service for our freedom and liberty. We are simply asking that you embrace our "sort at the source" concept, accept the challenge for our planet, and help raise funds for our heroes and their families.



Working in partnership with successful social enterprising Entrepreneurs, investors  and companies, 4Heroes4Life will be creating unique product offerings to maximize ROI (Return On Investment) for it's capital placement and partners as well as creating additional capital reserves to contribute to the pool of resources supporting the nation's Heroes and their families.



Our purpose and passion is driven by our own personal stories. Yes, in MANY ways, it is personal. By us witnessing firsthand the results and the gap in services not presently available for us veterans, heroes and our families. Heroes and their families should never be subject to this type of sometimes devastating situation in their time of need "Heroes Helping Heroes" will do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure heroes and their families have a better chance than we did.  We invite you to embrace the challenge, and join us, by choosing to support 4Heroes4Life with a sense of purpose today

Officers & Owners That Care and Understand

4Heroes4Life CEO and Board is Made Up of Veterans and Family Minded Folks Who Care About The Health and Well Being Of Their Community   

  • Mark George — Founder, Executive Director

    Mark George brings 30 years of experience as a Navy Vet, Firefighter, Deputy Fire Marshal, Board Chair to several non-profit, and a Social Entrepreneur to several Social Enterprises (before there was even a name for it). Mark also has a unique perspective growing up in a military family and suffering from his own “silent wounds” himself (P.T.S.D.) Mark George, a graduate of Stephen Watts Kearny High School, San Diego, California. Entered United States Navy in 1978, after completing his tour of 4 years on board the USS MIDWAY (CV-41) in Yokosuka Japan, Mark returned to San Diego to continue as a civil servant becoming a San Diego Firefighter, where he ascended to the rank of Deputy Fire Marshal.

    "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." --

    Helen Keller


  • Margie Glickman Jones — Consultant Manager

    Margie Glickman Jones is an educator and consultant with over 32 years experience as a teacher, lecturer, writer, and editor. She has taught and mentored at all levels from preschool to postgraduate, including supporting parents as teachers. Margie holds a Master's degree in Teaching and Learning from the University of San Diego at California. Bolstered by love and support from her community of friends, Margie’s passion for helping others moves her to embrace the cause by working with heroes and their families to support and enrich their lives through a variety of services designed to reach out with genuine goodwill, hope, and compassion. Margie brings the spirit of our community where diversity is celebrated through the belief that we are more alike than different. "You can't bottle that stuff but somehow we have to capture it and put it forth in all we do."


  • If You Would Like To Partner With 4Heroes4Life Or Are In Need Of Services Please Contact Us Below

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