9/11 Never Forgotten Golf Extravaganza- Charity Firefighter Benefit!

Come be Part of Something Special!

A group of firefighter friends and families are coming together for a NEVER FORGOTTEN PLAY DAY ON 9.11 to golf in honor our fallen 9/11 firefighters and friend and hero Steve Mercado who perished on that day. We remember Steve and embrace his sons who now bring his legacy to the San Diego Stickball Community.

***Come join us along with the CORONADO COMMUNITY for a very a special Ceremony of Remembrance with the Mayor of Coronado from 8:30 – 9:00 am.***

***NEVER FORGOTTEN PLAY DAY….”WITH ALL DUE RESPECT” from the HEART play for $75.00…(This is NOT a fundraiser.)***

***Be part of our DOCUMENTARY to remember and honor the Steve Mercado NY / SD Stickball Legacy and the return to San Diego of his sons to play the game their Dad loved so much.***
We firmly believe the memory of 9/11 and of those who sacrificed their lives should be NEVER FORGOTTEN.
Veteran Adventures Inc and 4 Heroes 4 Life present the NEVER FORGOTTEN PLAY DAY ON 9.11.
Veteran Adventures Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit (Tax ID-81-3714058) joining with 4 Heroes 4 Life on our mission to create and operate capital raising enterprises that fund life-sustaining programs for Veterans, Active Duty, Fire and Rescue, Police, Doctors, Nurses, Educators, Community and their families.
Founder and Executive Director- Mark George  veteranadventuresinc@gmail.com
Community Coordinator- Margie Jones 4heroes4lifehq@gmail.com 8582451596
Please join us on our  NEVER FORGOTTEN PLAY DAY for those BRAVE SOULS that gave their lives on that HORRIBLE day in American History…
– NYFD Steven Mercado Foundation (Stickball League) https://goo.gl/15QrX7, https://goo.gl/iMKC6F
– FDNY Engine 40 and Ladder 35 Fund https://goo.gl/ibGC3k
– NYC Emergency Workers Fund https://goo.gl/15QrX7
 $75 to play.
The purpose of our NEVER FORGOTTEN PLAY DAY is to honor our dear friend Steve Mercado, NYC Firefighter, Engine 40 and Ladder 35, lost in the 9/11 tragedy. Wounded Hero and San Diego Firefighter Mark George, along with fellow firefighter Willie Blas and Steve formed a camaraderie around their reciprocal city Stickball League play from NYC, the Bronx, to San Diego with teams from Cleveland, Florida, and Puerto Rico totaling over 200 players. The three fast friends enjoyed a common denominator in heroism and stickball. In 2001, Mark and Willie hosted Steve and his family and put him on a redeye back to New York, where he immediately went to work saving lives in our nation’s biggest tragedy. Not only did we lose our dear friend, Steve, on that terrible day, but 12 out of the 13 members of Engine 40, Ladder 35, and over 400 heroic public servants in law enforcement and the NY Port Authority first responders.
We will Never Forget our Brother Steve and all those brave heroes that perished on 9/11. This event is the first of our goodwill missions to Never Forget the sacrifice of our dear brothers and sisters on that day. We are asking you to help us to NEVER FORGET and join us in this very special event so they will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
Thank you in advance for your response.
Respectfully Yours,
Mark George
SDFD 23 years

Sailor USS Midway CV-41