Our Founder's Letter


My name is Mark George and as the Founder and Executive Director of 4 Heroes 4 Life, I welcome you to our Movement of Hope and Healing for our nation’s Heroes and their Families. As a proud Navy Veteran aboard the USS Midway CV-41 and former San Diego City Firefighter and Deputy Fire Marshal, I am intimately aware of the silent wounds of first-hand and second-hand PTSD and the havoc it wreaks on not only the Hero, but the Hero’s Family. My own personal journey through physical and emotional traumas provides the passion for our mission of Genuine Goodwill to help our nation’s Heroes and their Families. My fervent desire is to ensure that no other Hero and Hero’s family will ever have to endure the struggle that I and my family went through.

This horrible behavioral health disorder afflicts not only our military Heroes, but also our First Responders and those on the front lines of serving the public, including Active Duty Military, Veterans, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, and Community AND their Families. Many suffer horribly and the rates of suicide are higher in this population and continue to rise. While the Hero struggles with first-hand PTSD, the families manifest second-hand PTSD in many unhealthful ways of coping, such as troubles with the law, substance abuse, and depression.

More important, my passion is driven by witnessing firsthand the results and gap in services not presently available for these Heroes and their families. Through our social enterprise, we raise much needed capital through goods and services to fund our own 4 Heroes 4 Life Signature Programs and existing programs through Strategic Alliances that serve as vehicles to offer Hope and Healing to many Heroes through life-sustaining programs.

I am excited about the opportunities we have to come together as a COMMUNITY to support the CAUSE of Heroes Helping Heroes With a Sense of Purpose in so MANY ways. We will support Heroes and their families with Behavioral Health Support, Family Adventure Retreats, Health and Wellness Centers, Housing and Resources for Homeless, an Incubator for Veterans, an International Film School, our own Heroes Village, and many other programs.

Our Heroes will thrive through these life-sustaining opportunities:  

● Basic coping skills associated with “Silent Wounds”

      Gaining through personal development and effectiveness

      Communication skills and workforce skills

      Advanced leadership skills

      Realizing future opportunities

      Job Assessment, Placement and Retention


    4 Heroes 4 Life's mission of helping others will enrich many lives through Genuine Goodwill. Our Cause and Purpose is strong and now our cause has a face through the unbreakable bonds of Community, lifting us up by echoing the refrain “We cannot do this alone”. We invite you to embrace our cause and be part of the movement in continued support of our Heroes to ensure that no Heroes or their Families will suffer the same hardships.

Let’s Join Forces for Heroes Helping Heroes through Hope and Healing. I believe in my heart that we as human beings are more alike than different. My goal is to help change the world, one heart at a time.

Peace and love,

Mark George

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