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9/11 Never Forgotten Charity Golf Tournament and Community Event

Recycle4OurHeroes  “Holiday Waste Campaign” Recycling With a Sense of Purpose

On our mission of hope and healing, we embrace our cause and purpose at 4 Heroes 4 Life to support our nation’s public service heroes and their families with much needed help overcoming the challenges around behavioral health, specifically first-hand and second-hand PTSD. We vow to continue the movement of hope and healing for all of our HEROES COMMUNITIES in public service, and invite you to join with us.

Coronado Remembers 9/11 Heroes – Coronado Times 9/11/2017 Article Link

Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Campaign” Recycling With a Sense of Purpose Let’s Join Forces will be the rollout program for our nonprofit fundraising movement in a joint venture with our 501(c)3, Veteran Adventures Inc (Tax Id-81-3714058). The campaign will support our identified eight HEROES COMMUNITIES and two Supporting Communities through direct funding of existing programs that serve as vehicles for meeting the most pressing needs of each community.


  • Veterans, Fire Service, Active Duty, Law Enforcement, Nurses, Physicians, Educators, Community Heroes

Supporting Communities:

  • With a Sense of Purpose Community Events/Fundraising 4OurHeroes
    • Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Campaign” October through January, 2018
    • Heroes Community Awards and 9/11 and 11/11 NEVER FORGOTTEN Charity Events
  • WeCare4Heroes Genuine Goodwill Programs
    • Services for our heroes California Veterans Community Pilot Housing Program, PTSD retreats


Remembering the Seven USS Fitzgerald Sailors

Remembering the Ten Sailors Lost from the USS John S. McCain

The Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Campaign” Recycling With a Sense of Purpose campaign begins at the end of September moving into Veteran’s Day to honor our Fallen Shipmates and continuing through January, 2018. It brings a best value and eco-friendly way to raise funds With a Sense of Purpose for our HEROES COMMUNITIES. Currently, over $200-$300 million a year of CRV funds in California alone goes UNCLAIMED, filling up our landfills and polluting our oceans. The best value solution is to use this “anyway” money that is already spent to place funds into much needed programs that help our HEROES COMMUNITIES with genuine goodwill.

We are bringing Recycle4OurHeroes “Holiday Waste Campaign” Recycling With a Sense of Purpose to California Schools, Churches, and Business communities dedicated to Helping Themselves and Helping Others with fundraising by simply taking our eco-friendly bags and filling them with bottles and cans using a sort-at-the-source system to raise funds 50% to help their own organization and then 50% DIRECTLY split among each of our HEROES COMMUNITIES for their identified needs.

Recycle4OurHeroes Holiday Waste Campaign Recycling With a Sense of Purpose Flier

We invite YOU, individually and collectively, to accept the challenge as part of this community effort to help your community and ours. The concept is simple: TAKE A BAG – FILL IT UP – RETURN IT.  Let’s work together as a community With a Sense of Purpose to put the $200 million dollars of “anyway money” where it can do some genuine good for others. We need your community members to Volunteer for the Cause!

Knowing that every bottle and can left to fill up our landfill and destroy Earth’s oceans could be put toward

Hope and Healing for our HEROES COMMUNITIES who sacrifice for us every day should cause us to

NEVER look at another aluminum can or bottle in the same way!

So Together, Let’s Join Forces to Recycle4OurHeroes With a Sense of Purpose Today!

 Mark George

Founder and Executive Director