Our Mission

Who We Are -


We are Heroes Helping Heroes extending a 4Life-Line of Hope and Healing to build a global community of Genuine Goodwill through Social Enterprise.


What We Do -


We bring Genuine Goodwill to First Responders and their Families to help them heal from the wounds of first-hand and second-hand PTSD and work relentlessly to bring help and awareness for Suicide Prevention.


We are a Social Enterprise, a grassroots 'for profit' that funds a nonprofit. We are like the Wounded Warrior Project for Veterans, but for First Responders. HOWEVER, we do not rely on government money. Like Newman’s Own, TOMS Shoes, and Girl Scout Cookies, we earn our money through products and services. We give a 50/50 split to support our 4Heroes4Life-line programs. We offer a Global Consumer Best Value Equation in which the consumer’s investment in a ‘best value’ product or service with the added value of Social Enterprise, bringing a sense of purpose to a cause.


Who We Help -


We serve a total of eight HEROES COMMUNITIES on the Front Lines with overcoming behavioral health challenges, including Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, Doctors, Nurses, Educators, Community and their Families, with a present focus on First Responders in Fire Service and Law Enforcement.

We currently fund these Partner Program Alliances with critical services for First Responders:

* Firefighters Behavioral Health Alliance - Saving Those Who Save Others / Peer Support

* 100Club - Assists families of wounded or killed Public Safety Officers and Firefighters

* FrontLine Responder Services - Suicide Prevention and Trauma Treatment

* Steve Mercado Foundation - Honors a Friend and Firefighter 9/11 Hero


How We Do It -

Our 4Heroes4Life-line Group is comprised of Three Unique Pillars:

* 4Life-Line Enterprises - Products and services that benefit our Heroes programs

* 4Life-Line Special Events - Community fundraising events to support our Heroes programs

* 4Life-Line Foundation - Our Signature Programs and Partner Program Alliances

Our 4Life-line Incubator/Accelerator, like Plug and Play, Y-Combinator, and AngelPad, supports Heroes and their Families in building their own enterprising businesses. We believe by planting the seeds, our Heroes will be fully equipped to grow their own.

We invite you to come along with Heroes Helping Heroes on a wave of Genuine Goodwill to extend a 4Life-line to our First Responders, Heroes, and their Families.